Taurus Scrub Mountainboard

Featuring a refined deck providing more ‘Pop’ and a lighter, stronger, more complete ride. With its comfort enhanced velcro bindings and a custom grab handle, the Taurus makes an outstanding package for the discerning kiteboarder.

Includes bindings, leash and tool kite

Deck: 95cm Composite
Weight: 6.8 kg
Truck: Hollow 12mm Axle Skate Truck
Rim: 5 Spoke
Tyre: 8" lightweight
Binding: Velcro

Mountain boards are often referred to as all-terrain boards, landboards or kiteboards. Whatever you call them they offer unbeatable fun when used with a kite. Don't forget to wear protection, as the sport can be unforgiving.

Taurus Scrub Mountainboard (Code: 550327) £194.12  Inc. VAT
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