Kid's Kites

Nearly every adult memory includes flying a classic single line kite as a child. "My early memories are on the beach my kite being about half my size and a tail that seemed to go on forever" - Debbie, Online-Kites. Young children are often completely mesmerised by their first kite flying experience. Kids kites are now even more colourful and graphic than in my early years and still easy and fun to fly.

Take a break from the power of your own kite whilst your children have fun on a kite suitable for them - a fun kite flying experience for the whole family.

Most of the children’s kites on this page are suitable for kids of 5 years and above. These kites require only a light breeze to fly (Wind range: 2-4 on the Beaufort Scale). Wind within this range can be described as a very light breeze from about 4mph. They are a great reason to get outside away from the TV and run about a bit, your children will love it.